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The work of Betterdays Cancer Care is inspired and driven by the voice of our service users. Despite the fact that Breast Cancer is the second most diagnosed cancer among African Caribbean women in the UK, Myths, Misinformation, lack of information and statistics about breast cancer are a major challenge to good breast health care among this group. Betterdays cancer care provides advocacy and practical support for African Caribbean women with breast cancer. The primary objective of our organization is to provide a strong support base and an emotional safe haven for breast cancer survivors to express their fears, frustrations, and concerns.

In summarizing the most accurate, reliable information available, we provide general overviews of the breast cancer experience, from diagnosis and treatment, as well as survivorship issues. We provide updates of breast cancer information, to teach each member and non-member to take responsibility for their own health, so that you can reclaim a sense of control in their lives.

Betterdays Cancer Care is committed to increasing local, national and international attention on the devastating impact of breast cancer on the African-Caribbean community. Research has revealed that there are vast disparities in the uptake of screening, and high incidence rates of mortality amongst this group of women when compared to other groups. It has also shown that this group is less likely to discuss breast cancer.

“When our people hear cancer we often don’t understand that it’s not a death sentence,” “our fear and denial are fed by a kind of benign neglect in the media” Coverage of black women and breast cancer has increased in recent years, but newspapers and magazines still tend to focus on and reflect the slightly higher breast-cancer incidence rates of white women. We will be adding a voice and raising awareness about early detection.

While giving voice to those who need to be heard, Betterdays help young African Caribbean women understand and cope with the unique and difficult issues they face by providing a patient navigator. Young African Caribbean women experience frustration because of the prevailing attitude that young women don’t get breast Cancer. The gaps in research are outlined, and this proves that raising awareness about young African Caribbean women with breast cancer is both positive and necessary. Ignorance does not protect young women from breast cancer. It only justifies waiting longer to see a doctor or accepting being told you’re too young for the disease. Doing either can cost young African Caribbean women their lives. For the first time, the wisdom and experience of young African Caribbean women provide comfort and hope to other young women, to their families, and to health care professionals, letting them know what it means to live with and survive breast cancer. Betterdays offers hope and support to women. Our network has women from the UK, Europe, Africa, Caribbean, and United States. Women find great support in the type of service Betterdays is providing. Women find great hope when they are able to talk with someone else who has faced a similar diagnosis.

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