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About the Campaign

Moving Beyond Pink to End Breast Cancer Inequalities is a campaign to mobilize people and resources to address the growing and persistent breast cancer inequalities experienced by Black women.

Guided by the principle that all women should benefit from advances made in early detection and treatment therapies, moving beyond Pink is calling attention to the social injustices and medical inequalities that contribute to racial differences in breast cancer incidence and mortality.

This campaign is a call to action. It challenges the status quo, raises hard questions about treatment and care and places the health needs of younger Black women at the centre of our call to make breast cancer Inequalities a priority now.

Younger Black women experience breast cancer at earlier ages and in more aggressive forms. After decades of researchers discussing the “big unanswered question of why,” there continues to be a widening gap in this and other inequalities. With years of national and local advocates championing the cause of breast cancer research and treatment, the experiences of Black women continue to take a back seat. Even in this era of significant advances in breast cancer treatment, we have seen little or no improvements in breast cancer survivorship among Black women. Despite an overall lower incidence, Black women are more likely to die of breast cancer than women of other racial or ethnic groups and have a lower five-year survival rate.

Betterdays believes that we have seen little progress because research and knowledge about breast cancer in Black women is limited; Cancer does not discriminate, medical professionals and Institutions do. In response to the inequalities experienced by black women Betterdays is calling for a national strategy to end breast cancer disparities.
It’s time to change the status quo.

Betterdays is calling for making breast cancer inequalities a national priority. By issuing this call to the Health minister, health care providers, funders and advocates, we are asking for your commitment and leadership for a shift in allocation of resources, new targeted research priorities, investments in better diagnostic technologies, and greater awareness of TNBC and the need for early detection and timely diagnosis for all women, but especially young Black women.
It’s a tall order, but together we will move forward with a coordinated strategy to end breast cancer inequalities

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